Terrain à vendre, Cadabal, à District de Viana do Castelo, Portugal

190 000 €

District de Viana do Castelo, Cadabal

Terrain • 103 m² • Réf: ZMPT550674

Identificação do imóvel: ZMPT550674

Land with 7.7 ha and three ruins in Britelo, Ponte da Barca

This land faces the EN 203 at the bottom and has fantastic views over the river and the mountain.
It also has 3 urban items that give to rebuild and make housing. At this moment you cannot see the ruins because of the dense vegetation.

This land consists of 6 articles, 3 rustic and 3 urban with the following descriptions:
Rustics - Pasture, Bush, Pine Forest, Oak Forest and Eucalyptus
- Mato, Pine Forest, Pasture and Vineyard in Ramada
- Bush
Urbanos - Housing House, consisting of ground floor with 1 room and 1 span and 1st floor with 1 room and 2 spans
- Housing House, composed of R/Ch. with 1 division and 1 span
- Housing House, composed of R/Ch. with 1 division and 1 span

Urban items classified energetically with a declaration of ruin.
Pet Friendly Property

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Habitable103 m²
Terrain77015 m²


District de Viana do Castelo

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