Commercial à vendre, Braga (Maximinos, Sé e Cividade), à Braga, Portugal

59 000 €
Braga, Braga (Maximinos, Sé e Cividade)

Locaux commerciaux • 40 m² • Réf: rv20212022

Investment property with great profitability, located in the center of Braga and Next to the railway station, in a building of modern architecture, with elements of comfort differentiating and with high notoriety, in the city. The office has an area of 40 m2 and is equipped with a bathroom inside. Unobstructed views. The building and the office are in great condition. The office was renovated in February 2020. The value of the condominium is residual. The building has an elevator and public parking in the immediate vicinity It is currently leased. We hope that this property will be to your liking. We're a team of real estate agents, who love what we do. We promote the real estate entrusted to us in more than 60 countries and in leading portals of the market. Our ads are translated into 25 languages and we provide concierge service to international customers. Didn't you find what you were looking for? We have a range of diverse real estate investment options compatible with budgets of all sizes. Tell us what type of property you are looking for, in which area or city you would like it to be located and what amount you plan to invest. Add some details that you consider essential. We'll take care of everything else. Try.


Habitable40 m²
Utile40 m²
Total40 m²

Braga (Maximinos, Sé e Cividade), Braga

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